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Eerie Creatures + BDT 7 anos (voting)

Hello! Here is the votation topic to the Mission 2 of the joint contest of TibiaLight and BomdiaTibia!

We kept the letters of each submission to the phase 3.

Submission A

Boss Name: The Overlord Lich

Related Quest: In Service of Yalahar Quest

Type: Boss Global

Life: 8,000,000

Experience: 20.000.000

Average time of appearance: six months


Common: 10-100 Crystal Coins, Castle Shield, Terra Boots, Lightning Boots, Lightning Legs, Terra Legs, Lightning Robe, Terra Mantle, Lightning Headband, Terra Hood, Amber with a Bug, 0-5 Bar of Gold, 0-10 Blue Gem, Giant Emerald, Giant Ruby, Giant Sapphire, Giant Topaz, 0-20 Gold Nugget, 0-20 Green Gem, 0-5 Skull Coin, 0-5 Violet Gem, Skull Staff, Skull Helmet.

Unusual: Ring of the Sky, Greenwood Coat, Dragon Robe, Skullcracker Armor, Swamplair Armor, Spellscroll of Prophecies, 0-2 Crystal Wand, Rainbow Opal.

Semi-rare: Koshei's Ancient Amulet, Toy Spider, Voodoo Doll, Galea Mortis, Ancient Tiara, Magic Plate Armor, Brain in a Jar, Maxilla Maximus.

Rare: Ring of Souls, Babel Swimmer, Ravenwing, Haunted Mirror Piece, Death Gaze, Book of Lies, Cobalt Ridge, 0-3 Exalted Core, Chayenne's Magical Key.

Very rare: Golden Scorpion Pendant, Dark Trinity Mace, Dark Lord's Cape, Horned Helmet.

Lore: "The Overlord Lich" is an ancient necromancer who has unwittingly managed to unravel the mystery of "true immortality" and has long been searching for a way to start his empire of terror.

Palimuth was right that he had not yet seen the last chapter of Yalahar's drama, for now with the fall of Yalahari the real villain will step up to make his army emerge from the depths and take over the entire city.

Long before Yalahar existed, the island was occupied by a sect that sought at all costs to achieve "true immortality." Their leader, by coincidence, managed to achieve this goal at the cost of all the souls of his followers, but this immortality came at the cost of an outsized weakness to the light, causing him to take shelter in the depths of his cathedral. After many years he discovered that bodies were being buried on the island and began to use them to reclaim his sect and find out what was happening on the surface.

After seeing the development of Yalahar, he used the Yalaharis to subdue human forces and dominate the city to make it the capital of his empire, since he discovered with his vassals a way to darken the sky eternally.

After his plan to take the city with the army from another dimension has failed, he decides to perform the magic of eternal darkness on his own and take the city.

Mechanics: In the depths of the Cathedral, located in the Cemetery Quarter, the "Immune Overlord Lich" emerges and begins the ritual of magic to usurp all of Yalahar's souls and make the day as dark as the night.

A global message will warn adventurers just before the boss appears (xx:40) with the following message: "The evening of Yalahar is strange, birds and small mammals run desperately away from the cemetery to the north. Something is about to happen!".

The "Immune Overlord Lich" will appear in a new room in the basement of the Cathedral, being able to access it by a staircase hidden in the altar, in the early Tibian evening (xx:45), after the global message "The true immortal evil begins its ascension, the world is in great danger, but the citizens of Yalahar will be the first to suffer it if nothing is done!"

Players will have thirty minutes (all Tibian night) to defeat the boss which consists of three stages:

Players will have access to the crypt that is also where "The Overlord Lich" lived for all this time, and consists of a dark place with the appearance of an alchemist research laboratory full of books and experiments and with four large pillars of pure black energy. These pillars are connected to the "Immune Overlord Lich" in the center of the room and will be feeding him with this energy so that he can summon the magic of eternal darkness. The goal of the team is to interrupt the connection of the boss with the pillars, but for this they will have to end, simultaneously, with the force field that protects the pillars and the boss. With the synchrony of the team, the four force fields will have to be destroyed in an interval of five seconds, causing an explosion that will take 1/4 of the total life of the boss and launch him to the ground floor of the Cathedral; if there is no success, the pillars will dry up and the boss will climb to the second floor without losing any lives; if the team has no damage to achieve the destruction of the pillars The Boss will also climb without losing life after ten minutes.

*For every 1/5 of the life the pillars lose, five "Faithful Yalahari" will be conjured to disrupt the fight.

The adventurers will have to climb again to the altar floor where they will find the boss "Concentrated Overlord Lich" completely surrounded by his followers, "Loyal Yalahari", where the boss will be sucking the dark energy from them to complete the amount needed for magic. Each of the followers that surrounds the boss (there will be eight) has a copy of themselves in the eight corners of the Cathedral and again the team will have to communicate well and split up to finish off the copies in a five-second interval. With success the boss will climb to the roof of the Cathedral and lose another 1/4 of its total life, if it does not succeed the boss will also rise but continue with the same life as before; if the team does not have enough damage to end the copies of the followers, after ten minutes the boss rises to the roof of the Cathedral without losing life.

*For every 1/10th of the life the copies lose, five "Faithful Yalahari" will be conjured to disrupt the fight.

Finally the time has come to face the "The Overlord Lich" that lies in the center of the roof of the Cathedral ready to start its great magic of eternal darkness. Players will need to get organized, as the slightest wrong move could cost the player their life.

The boss will be in the center of the roof and, depending on how the previous stages were, can reach up to half of the total life lost, being much faster to reach his death, or almost impossible if he arrives with full life.

"The Overlord Lich" begins his ritual and will invoke the words of magic that suck the souls out of humans, and for every word he says in orange will correspond to a vocation and a color, but to prevent your soul from being sucked in, you just need to pay attention to the words and stay in the right sqm, doing so will save you from taking a hit kill.

The sequence of words is as follows:

Amakar: Knight

Zovush: Paladin

Metrer: Sorcerer

Navok: Druid

Faintorte: Blue

Bozuviete: Yellow

Chivetsu: Red

Xamaltro: Green

All Cathedral roof sqms will be part of the mechanics and will change color randomly throughout the combat. The boss will say a sentence every turn, making the sqm change by players frantic.

Ex: The boss says "Metrer Xamaltro", so all the sorcerers who are in the green sqm on the next turn will die.

The boss has special strengths and weaknesses:

Immune to Death

Resistance to physical damage at a distance by 50%

Resistance to physical damage body-to-body in area by 50%

Weak to Land Damage by 15%

Weak to Energy Damage by 15%

Weak to unique hand-to-hand physical damage by 25%

Weak to sacred damage in area by 75%

Weak to unique Sacred damage by 125%

If the boss is killed within the next ten minutes after he appears on the roof the server will have won the victory and prevented "The Overlord Lich" from being able to ascend to the surface, sending him back to his crypt for who knows how long, since he is immortal and will probably return; in case the server fails the boss will double the average time for the next appearance and the Yalahar temple will be inactive for thirty real days, transferring all the residents of the city to the Thais temple.

*Dark Pillar possess the same weaknesses and resistances as the boss and have a life span of 2,000,000 each.

*Loyal Yalahari possess the same weaknesses and resistances as the boss and have a life span of 1,000,000 each.

*Faithful Yalahari possess only 25% weakness for Sacred and possess a life of 15,000 each and have behavior and damage similar to Infernal Phantom.

Submission C


Many have heard of the Countess Sorrow but what my team of dedicated explorers have discovered mourning in the underbelly of The Inquisition is none other than Count Sorrow. Deep in the Mirror Maze of Madness, there is a curious room devoid of all creatures. Strange considering every hall of the maze was crawling with phantasms and nightmares except for this single large room lined with wall to wall mirrors. As discoverer’s of mysteries, we set up camp to further investigate the room and after what seemed to be weeks, Count Sorrow appeared! Before I divulge the secrets of the Count, let me share the lore behind how the Count and Countess came to be.

Upon searching the area, we found a journal that once belonged to the Count and discovered that they weren’t always phantasms. Before their untimely demise, Count and Countess Sorrow were better known as Jones and Marion. A couple who was very much in love and everything they did, they did together. They were brave archaeologists who explored the lands of Tibia together from the deepest caves to the highest mountain tops. Hand in hand, they discovered rare and exotic creatures and uncovered secrets unlocking quests. Eventually their journey took them to the Beregar and as they meandered through the underground tunnels, their path eventually ended in front of Pythius the Rotten, who guarded a room of rare and unique treasures. As seekers of knowledge and discovery, this was a puzzle they couldn’t turn away from. After weeks of trial and error, they finally uncovered a secret sequence of words that granted them access to the treasure behind the dragon. What they didn’t know was that they were being watched by a group of treasure hunters who wanted the rares and would kill for it. As they made their escape, Jones told Marion to run for her life while he deterred the hunters and to meet at the phantasms since nobody would be brave enough to chase them there. Unfortunately he didn’t specify the area as Marion ran to the Pits of Inferno while Jones made his way to the Inquisition. Days, weeks, months, years passed as they waited for each other and slowly succumbed to the phantasm's wails, “Give in”. Eventually the sorrow overcame them and they passed away forever longing for each other. Although their physical bodies were gone, their souls lingered and they eventually became the Count and Countess of Sorrow. Twice a month, they appear at the same time but at two different locations doomed to never meet again.

Now for the exciting part. At first he appeared as a haze in the room but quickly materialized into his phantasm form. Mad and dangerous, Count Sorrow immediately attacked with a Drunkenness Explosion that dazed all of us. We had no choice but to fight back however our attacks didn’t faze him whatsoever. To make matters worse, we noticed a random mirror in the room would shimmer and he would vanish into what seemed like another realm then return fully healed. We finally realized we needed to break the mirror when they shimmered to trap him in the room. On top of this, breaking the mirror seemed to do significant damage to the Count but it wasn’t easy since 3 phantasms would appear every time a mirror shimmered! After breaking five mirrors, Count Sorrow wailed loudly and collapsed to the ground leaving behind an unbelievable treasure. We found the usual items which were some gold and platinum coins, demonic essences, and a silver dagger, but what we didn’t expect was Frozen Heart! Many of the items closely mirror that of Countess Sorrow but we theorize the reason why she drops the Frozen Tear and he drops the Frozen Heart is because it’s all that reminds of their ill fated love.

Bestiary Entry

Name: Count Sorrow

Notes: Phantasm’s Boss

Location: The Mirror Maze of Madness in The Inquisition Quest

Frequency of appearance: 14-16 days at the same time as Countess Sorrow


HP: 10,000

XP: 20,000


0-200 Gold Coin

0-10 Platinum Coin

Demonic Essence

Stealth Ring

Protection Amulet

Worn Leather Boots

Soul Orb

Red Robe

Frozen Heart (rare)


A few times during the fight, a mirror in the room will shimmer.

You must break the mirror with a melee weapon to do 2k damage to the boss.

If the mirror is not broken within 10 seconds, the boss will fully heal.

All other attacks will do minor damage to the boss.

Additionally, Count Sorrow will also summon 3 Phantasms during the fight and use Drunkenness Explosion to make it more difficult to reach the mirrors.

Submission E


HP 16,400

EXP 12,000

Name of the Boss: Bosstalgia

Monster from: Demon Location: Time Travel Dungeon How often the boss appears: Every 21 – 28 days Mechanics: Bosstalgia is a shapeshifter, even though his true face is an “old school Demon”, during the battle he will shapeshift into different forms depending on his health.

When Bosstalgia spawns, along with him, 4 different items will spawn. The items will be laying on the ground and they will be needed during the different forms of Bosstalgia:

- An Ice Rapier (old sprite)

- A Sudden Death Rune (old sprite)

- A Ultimate Healing Rune (old sprite)

- A Spear (Old sprite)

Form 1: Demon (Old sprite)

Mechanic: Hit him with all your strength until he reaches 85% HP. Then he will shapeshift into his form 2, Hunter.

Form 2: Hunter (Old sprite)

Mechanic: During this form, Bosstalgia won’t do any damage, nor take any damage from any regular attack. The only way to deal damage is to pick up the spear on the ground, put it in your hand and attack Bosstalgia (remember the pain?).

While doing so, the attack will always deal 50 hp damage but the spear will fall to the ground again. Players must repeat the action 5 teams until dealing 250 hp damage. Then, Bosstalgia will transform back into his Form 1, Demon, and receive normal damage.

Form 3: Warlock (Old Sprite)

Mechanic: When Bosstalgia reaches 70% HP, he will shapeshift into a Warlock. During this form, Bosstalgia won’t do any damage, nor take any damage from any regular attack. The only way to deal damage is to pick up the Sudden Death Rune, put it in your backpack and use it in Bosstalgia. Please note that you won’t be able to put it in a hotkey, you will have to click “use” in the rune and hit Bosstalgia in crosshairs (just like in the old days!). While doing so, the attack will always deal 50 hp damage but the Sudden Death Rune will disappear and appear in the ground again. Players must repeat the action 5 times until dealing 250 hp damage. Then, Bosstalgia will transform back into his Form 1 and receive normal damage.

Form 4: Black Knight (Old Sprite)

Mechanic: When Bosstalgia reaches 65% HP, he will shapeshift into a Black Knight. During this form, Bosstalgia won’t do any damage, nor take any damage from any regular attack. The only way to deal damage is to pick up the Ice Rapier, put it in your hand and attack Bosstalgia(Old time Annihilator style). While doing so, the attack will always deal 50 hp damage but the Ice Rapier will disappear and appear in the ground again. Players must repeat the action 5 times until dealing 250 hp damage. Then, Bosstalgia will transform back into his Form 1 and receive normal damage.

Form 5: Bonelord (Old Sprite)

Mechanic: When Bosstalgia reaches 50% HP, he will shapeshift into a Bonelord. During this form, Bosstalgia won’t do any damage, nor take any damage from any regular attack. The only way to heal him (in this case) is to pick up the Ultimate Healing Rune, put it in your backpack and use it in Bosstalgia. Please note that you won’t be able to put it in a hotkey, you will have to click “use” in the rune and hit Bosstalgia in crosshairs (retro druid style!). While doing so, you will always heal 50 HP but the Ultimate Healing Rune will disappear and appear in the ground again. Players must repeat the action 5 times until healing 250 hp. Afterwards, Bosstalgia will transform back into his Form 1 and receive normal damage.

Form 1: Demon (Old sprite)

Form 5, Bonelord, is the last shapeshift of Bosstalgia. Once players are done with the mechanics of the 4 shapeshifts, he will stay in his Form 1, Demon, until he is killed. Life and Experience: HP: 16,400 EXP: 12,000 Loot: 0-60 Platinum Coin, 0-3 Violet Gem, 0-5 Great Mana Potion, 0-5 Great Spirit Potion, Amber with a Bug, 0-3 Green Gem, 0- 3 Red Gem, Giant Sapphire, Golden Legs, Mastermind Shield, Boots of Haste, Magic Plate Armor, Changing Backpack (rare), Wind-Up Key (rare) Brass Button(rare), Decorative Plume (rare), Rainbow Torch (very rare)

Submssion G

Boss Name: Khenemet, the Lord of the Deserts

Hit points: 270,000

Experience: 55,000


Fearless explorers have made a new discovery in the tombs of Ankrahmun, an ancient manuscript that tells an ancient story of a powerful pharaoh named Khenemet, the Lord of the Deserts. This manuscript seemed to have valuable information about the famous Serpentine Tower, a tower that has always been an enigma to all explorers.

The manuscript told us that before Tibia was as we know it, the city of Ankrahmun was ruled by Khenemet. This pharaoh, known for his unparalleled intelligence and insatiable thirst for power, had led Ankrahmun to a level of prosperity never seen before.

However, Khenemet's incessant quest for eternity led him to unravel arcane secrets that allowed him to control the very fabrics of life and death. To store such secrets and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands, he had the Serpentine Tower built - a monument to his grandeur to hide the forbidden knowledge he cherished so much along with a vault, where the pharaoh kept mysterious objects of immense power. His greed for power was such that Khenemet performed an arcane ritual and confined himself to his own tower, guarding himself with its secrets and its priceless treasures.

This discovery gave the heroes of Tibia new hope. The manuscript contained valuable information: a password of a language never seen or heard, which when uttered before Ishebad, the current regent of Ankrahmun, could unlock the key to one of the rooms, where rested a sarcophagus with the information necessary for the awakening of Khenemet.

And so, before Ashebad, the brave heroes whispered, "Verimathra Thaluk Abharam." The ancestral mummy, upon hearing these words, opened her frightened eyes and showed surprise. Then he replied in a deep and ancient voice, "Now the fate of Ankrahmun is in your hands," and without further ado, handed the heroes the key to the chambers.

Now, the fate of Ankrahmun and perhaps all of Tibia lay in the hands of these brave heroes, who set out to face the dangers of the Serpentine Tower and the awakening of Khenemet, the Lord of the Deserts.

Boss Mechanics (Lever):

  1. To start the battle against the boss it will take five players to pull the lever located in the Djinn room.

  2. When teleported to the boss room, and Khenemet awakened, the adventurers realize that they are on a sand map that resembles a maze, full of quicksand traps, traps that throw you downstairs with other desert monsters like Ancient Scarab, Lich, Mummies and others. Once the team member returns to the upper floor after falling into the trap, he will be teleported to a random place in the maze, which could be his end as he would be away from his group.

  3. The main objective is that players need to disable four arcane obelisks situated in the corners of the maze, while fighting Khenemet and his minions. As long as the arcane protection on the obelisks is active, Khenemet is invulnerable. In this way the group can defeat only the minions to make room and reach the obelisks.

  4. Each obelisk has a magical protection that must be disabled when giving 'use' in it, however when the protection is withdrawn, the player in question will receive a 'debuff' that will increase Khenemet's damage by 20% (only in the player who removed the protection of the obelisk), until the 4 arcane obelisks are deactivated, damage that is cumulative - that is, If the same member of the group removes the arcane spell from two obelisks, he will receive a 'debuff' of 40% and so on. This will force a group planning.

  5. Once all the obelisks are deactivated, Khenemet's magical protection fades, making him vulnerable and the players' 'debuff' are removed. At this point, players can defeat you in a traditional way.

  6. However, if the fight takes too long, Khenemet will be able to reactivate two more obelisks, making himself invulnerable again and forcing players to disable the obelisks once again. (this mechanic should happen at least once during the fight)

  7. In addition to Khenemet becoming invulnerable again, the 'debuffs' return to players with the same amount of previous stack's - that is, if any of the group members had two stack's (40% more damage) and Khenemet activated more obelisks, if that same player clicks to disable one more obelisk, it will add up to three stack's (60% more damage). It becomes a race against time, the longer it takes to kill the Khenemet, the more damage debuffs will be applied to the players, thus causing the death of everyone in the group and the victory of Khenemet.

  8. If any member of the group were to die, Khenemet would inflict a critical death damage of 2000 hitpoints on the entire room. The player who has succumbed, if by chance has deactivated any of the obelisks, will cause the automatic reactivation of the same.

Boss Loot:

Common: Crystal Coin (2-12), Ancient Stones (3-7), Blue Gems (0-3), Green Gems (0-2), Small Amethysts (0-32), Small Emeralds (0-22), Small Diamonds (0-30), Small Rubies (0-32), Small Topazes (0-29), Scarab Cons (0-83), Scarab Amulet, Blessed Ankh, Djinn's Lamp

Semi-rare: Gold Token (0-3), Silver Token (0-3), Djinn Blade, Ancient Amulet, Canopic Jar, Wand of Inferno, Daramian Waraxe

Rare: Scorpion Sceptre, Demon Shield, Fist on a Stick, Scarab Amulet, Blood Orb, Mini Mummy, Twin Axe

Very rare: Pharaoh Sword, Ring of Wishes, Frozen Starlight, Boots of Waterwalking

Submission H

A little introdution:

The madness never ends. She just falls asleep. When he chose to use his fragile, human version before the minotaurs of Mintwaillin took him as their prisioner, perhaps his mind just wanted to calm the rumbling power and chaos inside his head. With so many people digging into his things, with so many people exploring his tracks, tips and getting closer to what they are not yet prepared to understand, the time comes! Bars can hold the body, the solid part, but a mind as powerful as that cannot stay behind bars forever. Another side of madness is shown. It's all based on the simple fact that...

The Mathmagician

Name of the Boss: The Mathmagician.

Monster which the boss is from: Bonelords Race.

Location: It’s a raid that starts in Mintwaillin and ending up in Hellgate.

How often the boss appers: 16-30 days.

Mechanics for slaying the boss:

“Spacetime seems to distort. Tremors and screams coming from the ancient city of Mintwaillin can be heard from the surface of Thais. Madness seems to spread quickly. Fast!"

<15 minutes after the first message. >

“The prisoner escaped. Your madness too.

First Stage

- The Prisoner appears in the middle of Mintwaillin.

- He will be static in the sqm below, imortal and choose 4 random players to tag. Above these players will appear the numbers 1, 13, 49 and 94.

- These players need to line up in front of The Prisoner within 8 seconds, in an ascendent order, otherwise he will use Doom magic with low damage initially, but increasing with each incomplete round or in incorrect order.

You must do the process 3 times, everytime he asks “1 + 1 is...? ”.

When performing the process correctly 3x, the boss will disappear and a portal will open in its place. – The players should enter.

Second Stage

- The portal leads to the tower in the middle of Hellgate.

- Here, The Mad Prisioner will suffer damage and will be accompanied by 5 Elder Bonelords and 10 Bonelords.

- The boss keeps disappearing and reappearing in various spots in the room, summoning Bonelords and Elder Bonelords.

- Players cannot go more than 5 seconds without hitting the boss, otherwise it heals their health considerably, forcing players to split across the room or chase after it quickly.

- After the boss loses all his life. It will disappear and open a new portal to the final stage.

Final Stage – The Mathmagician

- The boss will be on the map that gives access to the library stairs and (The Evil Eye use to show), right in the center.

Several explosions occur throughout the location like madness itself.

- The boss will summon many Dreadeye, Elder Bonelords and Bonelords.

- Upon reaching 60% and 10% life, the boss will be teleported to its initial spot and it will be immune to damage.

- 5 seconds after that, he says “let’s see how fast your thoughts are...".

- 3 seconds later, he will say a number from 1 to 5. All players must be exactly this distance from the boss. Example: If he says “2” the player must stay in the 2nd SQM where the Boss is.

- 3 seconds after saying the number he will use a DOOM type spell, however, everyone that is at that correct distance from the boss, neither more or less, will not be hit.

- If someone is outside the correct SQM, they will suffer considerable damage and will be teleported to one of the several towers that are inside this floor, with Bonelords, Demon Skeletons, etc. and you will have to return to the place of the battle running to continue defeating the boss.

Life and Experience

The Prisioner – Mintwaillin – Cannot be killed.

The Mad Prisioner – Hellgate Tower – Health: 50.000 hp.

The Mathmagician – Hellgate Library – Health: 125.000 hp

Experience: 20.000 xp.

Loot: 0-90 Gold Coins, 0-9 Platinum Coins, 0-2 Green Mushrooms, 0-3 Enchanted Small Amethysts, 0-4 Ultimate Health Potions, 0-4 Ultimate Mana Potions, Luminous Orb, Beholder Helmet, Mind Stone (semi-rare), Hat of the Mad (semi-rare), Frozen Starlight (rare), Star Amulet (rare), Ring of the Sky (rare), Crystal Wand (very rare), Bronze Necklace (very rare).

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