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General Rules of TibiaLight Contests

Dear player, in order to be as transparent as possible we dedicate a complete post with the general rules that will be applied to TibiaLight contests.By entering one of our competitions, the participant declares that he/she agrees with the rules, so we recommend taking the time to read them.

We make it clear that the purpose of contests is fun and approximation with the community, at no time should a contest be seen as a form of financial gain.Since many of the items awarded as rewards have a high value, it becomes necessary to avoid abuse by freeloaders.

The rules will be divided into 5 types: Character Requirements, General Rules, Submission Requirements, Evaluation/Voting Method and Concerning Doubts/Questions.

Character Requirements

  1. The minimum level of the character registered for TibiaLight contests is 50, as well as a minimum amount of 300 achievement points.

  2. Only submissions from characters that have not been banned will be accepted, the rules that lead to the ban will be described below.

  3. There is no premium account requirement.

General Rules

  1. Each participant can submit more than one submission in each category, or even in different categories, but can win (be in the top 3) in only 1 of their submissions.This rule is valid for contests with 1 or more categories.

  2. The participant is not allowed to create or forge another user/character to have more chances of winning, if this is detected the punishment will be disqualification from the contest in progress and permanent banishment from contests held by TibiaLight.

  3. It is not allowed to use religious, political or any organization that is not directly related to the Tibia game. If this is identified, a correction/amendment of the submission will be requested, failure to comply with the notice will lead to disqualification from the contest in progress.

  4. Unsubstantiated claims or threats by participants following the disclosure of contest results will reserve us the right to ban such participant from future contests. This rule applies to third parties if their identity is identified and confirmed.

  5. Contest participants will not be allowed to hire professionals to prepare the submission, if this occurs and is confirmed the punishment will be disqualification from the contest in progress and permanent banishment from contests held by TibiaLight.

  6. Plagiarism will not be tolerated, in case of confirmation the participant will be disqualified from the contest in progress and will motivate the permanent banishment of contests carried out by TibiaLight.

  7. In reference to the above rule (General rule number 6), it is up to the plagiarism whistleblower (If our team does not realize this before) present the evidence, which will be analyzed by our team.

  8. The TibiaLight team is prohibited from participating in contests on this fansite, for obvious reasons. The exception to this rule will occur on a raffle held on trusted and accepted by the community platforms.

  9. Prizes will be given to registered characters who comply with the rules already described, there will be no exceptions.

  10. By accepting to participate in a TibiaLight contest, the participant declares that he/she has read and agrees with all the rules described herein, a second chance will not be granted for excuses of non-observance of such rules.

  11. Any attempt to bypass the rules established herein or that configure the search for breaches in such rules will be punished with disqualification from the contest in progress and permanent banishment from contests held by TibiaLight.

Submission Requirements

  1. The registered character must identify all the photos sent to the contest, either in real photos with paper with their identification, or ingame with the name of the character in a visible way if the modality allows it.

  2. The use of materials/works submitted in previous contests held by TibiaLight or other fansites will not be allowed.

  3. The languages accepted for submission will be Portuguese and English, any other language will lead to the cancellation of the submission.

Evaluation/Voting Method

  1. We will evaluate submissions based on 2 pillars: creativity and technical aspects, each participant has the right to receive feedback if they want to.

  2. Voting will be done as follows: Our team will choose the best ones based on the criteria described in Rule 1 of this category and other rules established here, after which we will send them for voting by admins of other fansites and by Community Managers. With the votes counted, the result will be revealed, the deadline is variable and will be informed in each contest individually.


  1. Questions/Doubts about the contests should be made on our Discord, in the channel corresponding to perguntas/questions that will accompany the submissions channel, it is forbidden to ask by any other means.The channel will be public and visible, since the doubt of one can be of others.

  2. Regarding rule 1 of this category, it is prohibited for anyone who is not from the TibiaLight Team to answer the questions asked in the channel corresponding to questions/questions in the Discord Server. Whoever does this once will be warned, if there is a recurrence we will proceed with the expulsion of the user from the Discord Server.

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