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Chapter 10 - The Temple of Light

Lucius read the last part of the chapter to the new aspiring Lightbearers in the temple of light. One of the students asked:

- "Sir, have Valiant and Ragna met again? I mean, other than in the form of dreams."

Lucius put the book away on his desk, leaned back in his chair and smiling said:

- "Yes, on other occasions, but that is a story for another time."

- "I told you all this story this afternoon so that you would understand why this temple exists."

All the students exchanged confused looks, but one of them asked:

- "What is the relationship between that story and this place?"

Lucius gave a signal and asked everyone to follow him. He climbed to the highest point of the temple and spoke to his students:

- "What do you see in that direction?"

One of the students was quick and answered:

- "Rookgaard, sir. We are northwest of Rookgaard... Wait... where was the very location of the hiding place where they tried to bring Variphor into this world?"

- "You got to the point, we are exactly about this location. This island once existed but it was empty, the energy sphere sealed by the godbreaker was buried by tons of rubble. This temple was built to keep watch, if any creature tries to enter through the thin layer between our realities we will know", Lucius replied, and continued:

- "There are times when we are more susceptible to invasion, but with the contribution of you and other volunteers, we are able to prevent the darkness from progressively gaining ground."

One of the students took the lead and asked another question:

- "Is Valiant still alive?"

- "What a question, hahaha. Of course he is alive, but very busy fighting to prevent other threats against the light of our world", Lucius quickly replied.

Everyone was impressed, they thought it was a story from someone who was no longer among them.

- "Variphor will try to attack in different and creative ways, he will try to corrupt and get more subjects, take care and don't fall into this kind of trap."

Lucius returned to the central hall of the temple accompanied by the aspiring Lightbearers. He reached into a box and pulled out a large doll made of gold, held it up and spoke:

- "You have come at a good time, you are the first class to receive a new souvenir item to remind you of the importance of the eternal struggle between light and dark."

- "This one represents Valiant, in his imposing gold armor. Ahhh, and if you pull this string he magically...."

The dummy changed to a red haired archer in a dark cape and hat with an arbalest and a quiver on her back.

- "Well, he magically changes into Ragna's version. So you guys can meet her usual appearance in her last few invasions of this dimension."

Everyone at once reacted with surprise, Lucius proceeded to hand each student a doll, and continued:

- "I expect you next week, we will do a field training by lighting basins, I want to see how long you take."

Everyone nodded in confirmation and walked happily out the portal.


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